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Mandatory equipment

To address all the different possible climatic conditions on the day of the race, at their sole discretion and on the basis of the weather forecast provided by the competent body, the Organizers may modify the list of mandatory equipment. Any changes may be communicated up to 12 hours before the start of the race, therefore all athletes are advised to have all the mandatory equipment.

  120K 80K 50K 20K 10K
race backpack to carry mandatory equipment    
long sleeved sweater    
long trousers or tights    
hat or bandana    
warm and waterproof gloves    
water reserve of at least 1 litre    
beaker of minimum 15 cl    
race bib number visible during the entire duration of the race
emergency thermal blanket (min. 2.00 m x 1.40)    
cell phone switched on with emergency numbers stored
waterproof jacket with an integrated hood, made with a waterproof membrane like Goretex with minimum 10,000 Schmerber, designed to withstand bad weather in the mountains. (It is the runner's responsibility to bring a jacket that respects these criteria. In case of a check during the race, the steward or judge will decide if the jacket respects the criteria outlined in the official race regulations)    
headlamp with spare batteries or two headlamps with batteries    
footwear appropriate for running on Dolomite terrain (stones, rocks, gravel)    
to reduce plastic consumption, disposable tableware (cutlery, beakers, plates, bowls) will not be handed out at refreshment stations or life bases, thus athletes must bring their own cutlery and containers if they wish to eat hot/cold food.
energy bars or solid food    
at least 20€ to buy food in the Alpine huts if necessary    
elastic bandages for dressings    
camelbag or water bottle holder with a capacity for at least half-litre of liquid        
cup, beaker or flask (there are no glasses at refreshment stations)        
appropriate footwear        
waterproof trousers    
mineral salts    
warm long-sleeved sweatshirt    
a third layer (fleece, quilted jacket etc.) in case of particularly cold weather    
long-sleeved sweatshirt        
water reserve of at least 1/2 litre (there are no refreshment points along the route)        
emergency thermal blanket (min. 2.00 m x 1.40)        
trekking poles permitted yes yes yes no yes