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UTMB World Series Anti-Doping Policy

Anti-doping policy

The sport of trail running has grown rapidly in recent years. More events, participants, exposure, and inspiration. All around the world runners are choosing to accept the challenge, and enjoy the benefits, of participating in long races on dirt in beautiful, natural terrain. 

This growth has been largely organic. Consequently, there has not been a clear articulation around policies supporting fair competition, an even playing field, and a discussion around the unique health risks associated with the misuse of certain substances in these long and challenging races.  

UTMB World Series is a global leader in long distance running events. We have worked hand in hand with ITA to develop this anti-doping policy both to protect the integrity of UTMB World Series races and to educate around fair play and the potential misuse of certain substances. 

This policy is targeted at several vital constituents in the trail ecosystem: 


Want to know the rules & expectations of fair play, that there is an even playing field for all runners, and that they do not need to or want to jeopardize their health to compete successfully. 


Want to know that the guidance and support they provide falls within the rules of fair and healthy behavior. They want to know what is expected of their athletes, their competitors, and members of the trail community. 

Fans, media & partners

Want the sport they love to be clean and fair, not be tainted by cheating and perceived to be harmful to the health and wellbeing of the participants. 

The UTMB Anti-doping policy provides the most important information runners, coaches, family and crew members need to know:

  • Principles and values associated with clean sport
  • Athletes’, Athlete Support Personnel’s and other groups’ rights and responsibilities under the Code
  • The Principle of Strict Liability
  • Consequences of doping, for example, physical and mental health, social and economic effects, and sanctions
  • Anti-doping rule violations
  • Substances and Methods on the Prohibited List
  • Risks of supplement use
  • Use of medications and Therapeutic Use Exemptions
  • Testing procedures, including urine, blood and the Athlete Biological Passport
  • Requirements of the Registered Testing Pool, including Whereabouts and the use of the Anti-Doping Administrative & Management System (ADAMS)
  • Speaking up to share concerns about doping

Click here to read the full UTMB Anti-doping policy.

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